I’ve been told I can talk forever, and am as candid as the photographs I make. So you might be here for a long while reading this!

It’s true. I love people. I love conversations. I love sharing stories. Especially love stories. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. So it's no surprise that I shoot moments of love. I say what I feel. I also shoot what I see and feel. So I can safely say my pictures are a reflection of me. I laugh easy & out loud. So my photos predominantly reflect joy and color. The lovelies that I have worked with so far are almost all the same way. Happy people with a dash of cool crazy. No preconceived notions, just real people that live in the now and want that moment captured in all its gorgeous glory. The kind of people I love and look forward to work with every day. Family, loyalty, friendship, emotional intelligence, adventure, honesty, are things I value the most. So I feel blessed that I can experience that through what I do. 

I saw the light: Photography wasn’t something that was ever in my plans. It just happened to me. After pursuing a degree and job in advertising in Mumbai, I got my MBA degree in Boston. I loved that city so much that I continued to work there and, to date, call it home (I am sure I was Irish in another life). After a decade in the USA, I moved back to India with a lot of good memories and yes a camera! Thats when my journey with chasing light (literally and metaphorically) started. Like many others, my interest in photography started with wildlife, but my favourite human in this world, was born, and she made my realise how much I love being around kids and photographing them. Soon after, a friend hired me to shoot his friends wedding and just like that wedding photography happened! 2 years later I quit my job and here I am! From just me shooting it all, today Anupa Shah Photography has expanded to a team of freelancers working together to capture every little detail of a wedding day. Even collectively, our focus is still always the same…to capture timeless memories in an authentic, elegant and unobtrusive way. 

 Enough about me! I want to hear from you, about you. So drop me a line. Share something about you and how I can help to freeze your most precious memories.