Ganpati Bappa Mourya

Ganpati Bappa Mourya! 
All good things are first started by saying these three golden words and paying homage to the most loved, Ganesha. So it made sense to start my blog with a tribute to this adorable elephant God.  Bappa took me back to the street on this 24th day of Sept, 2018. Street photography was where my passion for photography first developed seriously. It helped me understand and manoeuvre the unpredictability and layers of photographing weddings. With wedding season around the corner, this year I decided to go back to basics. 

A pure-bred Bombay girl, I have experienced many a Ganpati festivals and Visarjans. But none like this. Never did I get in the heart of the beautiful chaos that this city provides. The cultural extravaganza that we as Indians are so fortunate to experience all year through. Truth be told, I was always amazed by the pictorial coverage of this day on various media, but I was a little vary to get in the heart of the storm. People around me just echoed my inhibitions and each time I resisted. Until this fearless Sunday.  And I fell in love with My Mumbai all over again. Mumbai Police, volunteers, organizers,salute to them all!! What amazing 'bandobast'. Doing their duty tirelessly and efficiently with no breaks to eat or sit. Making sure we are safe everyday, every holiday, rain or shine.  

Shot entirely around Girgaon Chowpatty, Mumbai, this was a magical evening, with even the skies putting on a nice pastel show to big adieu to everyone's favourite. The spirit of the city was palatable. I hope you can experience some of it through my pictures. If you enjoy the series as much as I enjoyed shooting it, do drop me a line in the comments would mean a lot to me! 

Bye Bye Bappa! Pudchya Varshi Laokar Ya!

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